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Sugar-free meal plan: week 10

Challenge complete: I did not buy one grocery item this week. The challenge I set last week was followed through by me being frugal and creative, but also benefiting from the generosity of good friends who gave me eggs from their farms and, of course, my family who supplied me with some grass-fed beef from their farm. Read more

Sugar-free meal plan: week 9

This was a budget week and to continue to momentum I have challenged myself to not buy anything next week – I am going to make use of absolutely everything in my fridge and pantry (love food hate waste!). I am lucky however that my pop (you remember the “retired” butcher?) has sent me some grass-fed beef, spinach and chokos, so you might notice a few things in the shopping list this week and next that haven’t been mentioned in previous weeks. But technically I haven’t bought them ;) Read more

Sugar-free meal plan: week 8

The interesting thing about cutting out sugar from your diet is the way your concept of treats totally changes within a relatively short time frame. Looking back over this week’s food diary I can see that I consumed more fruit than other weeks (I generally stick to two serves a day). Prior to adopting a sugar-free lifestyle I ate bucket loads of fruit. Now I consider it my ‘sweet treat’. And, with my successful experiments in the kitchen this week (sugar-free Banoffee Pie anyone?!), I did not miss out on anything. Read more

Sugar-free meal plan: week 7

I am normally one to follow a recipe to the tee, but since I quit sugar I have found there are few recipes for sugar-free desserts or ‘sweet treats’ out there. And, anything I do find  inevitably contains an artificial sugar or sweetener of some kind – now tell me, would you quit smoking and take up drugs? To me, quitting sugar and replacing it with a chemical alternative makes no sense. So, I experiment. Sometimes it goes pear-shaped, other times I am pleasantly surprised. This week was a pleasantly surprising week. Read more

Sugar-free meal plan: week 6

This could possibly be one of my most economical, sustaining and delicious sugar-free eating weeks yet. My whole week’s meal plan centres around one roast leg of lamb. After the initial roast dinner on Monday, I managed to get another four lunches out of the same leg of lamb (and we had four people living in the house this week!) and I used the stock juice to cook the mushroom risotto for dinner on Friday night! The dogs then enjoyed the bones! Read more


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