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The new me and my conclusion about sugar

Hi there. It’s been a while since my last blog post. I know. But I have something to share with you… I got married! Not only that, but, in the space of six months, I got engaged, I got a new job (for the time being anyhow), I had puppies – 7 of them (well, not me per say) – I married Mr Wright (that’s right, I’m now Kate Wright!), and all the while I am continuing to study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. To say it has been a manic six months would not give this period of my life justice. So. Where to from here? Read more

Sweet Poison, by David Gillespie: a real jaw droppper

Like so many people, I find weight maintenance a constant battle of will. Dragging ourselves out of bed of a morning to go for a run; opting for a salad at lunch instead of a steak; freaking out about portion control… all these things we think – no, believe – we have to do to in order to maintain or lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. But what if it was all wrong? Read more

I Quit Sugar, by Sarah Wilson: my sweet saviour

This recipe book and guide pretty much saved me during week five of my eight-week no sugar challenge. I had been going really well, but the honeymoon phase of the challenge was ending and I thought I would crumble like apple pie to sweet temptation before completing the eight weeks. Then Sarah’s I Quit Sugar book arrived on my doorstep and pulled me back from the brink (it was being produced as I started the no sugar challenge and I had it on pre-order)! Read more

No sugar challenge week 8: end results and outcomes

I have completed the 8-week no sugar challenge and it’s official – my sweet addiction has been cured! I quit sugar after many years of believing I was leading a healthy lifestyle, but I was still suffering bloating and stomach cramps. Despite several diets of trial and error, nothing alleviated the symptoms. When some knowledgeable friends who’d made a lifestyle choice to quit sugar encouraged me to reduce my intake, I never thought I could do it. Even though I thought I was healthy, I knew I had a sweet tooth. But, I gave it a go – nothing ventured, nothing gained. It’s now been 56 days and with the results and outcomes I’ve achieved, I have no intention or desire to introduce sugar back into my life. Read more

No sugar challenge week 7: my taste buds are changing

My sugar intake drastically increased this week. In fact, you could say I had a sugar overdose. Twice I made the choice to consume sugar (and I suffered the consequences), but several times I didn’t know the food I was eating contained sugar – until I put it in my mouth. My taste buds are changing and detecting the sugar in my diet for me. Still, it is frustrating that as a consumer you never really know what you’re eating. But I have a plan. Read more


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