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Honeycomb and marshmallow ice cream sandwich slice

Honeycomb and marshmallow ice-cream sandwich slice

This is a wonderful variation on the standard ice cream sandwich and because you can eat it in your hands it’s the perfect desert to take to a BBQ. Best of all, you won’t believe how easy it is!

I love all sorts of ice cream – I even used to work at Gelatissimo when I was at uni and I’d make up to 30-plus flavours a day. These days I mostly use an ice cream maker for small batches I create at home – they’re fantastic because you don’t have to spend your whole day hanging around the freezer, constantly mixing the ice cream then freezing again. The beauty of this ice cream sandwich recipe is that you don’t even need to do that! And because it’s a slice, there’s less mess and there’s plenty to share.

Honeycomb and marshmallow ice cream sandwich slice


2 packets of Arnott’s Malt O’ Malt biscuits

2 Crunchie or Violet Crumble bars

100gm mini marshmallows

1 small jar of cream

1 small tin of sweetened condensed milk


Line a 22xm x 30cm 2.5 litre plastic container with a layer of Malt O’ Malt biscuits.

Combine cream and sweetened condensed milk and beat at medium speed with electric mixer until mixture thickens slightly (about four minutes). The mixture should fall from beater and leave a tail.

Crush Violet Crumble bars. Add to cream mixture crushed Violet Crumble bars and marshmallows. Stir to combine then gently pour over base layer of biscuits and spread evently.

Top ice cream mixture with another layer of Malt O’ Malt biscuits then put the cover on container. Leave ice cream sandwich slice in freezer for at least 3 hours. The longer the slice is left in the freezer, the softer the biscuits will become. (But it’s never left in there too long at my place!)

Slice and enjoy!

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  1. Tanitt #

    Hi I would like to know which cream you use? Every time I make it the cream is runny.


    December 19, 2014
    • Hi Tanitt,
      When making this I use Woolworths’ thickened cream – the full-cream version in the small cardboard carton. How does it set when you make it?


      December 19, 2014
      • Tanitt #

        Ive used the Woolworths select in the tub. It makes it very runny when I poor it the biscuite at the base lift and float close to the top.
        It selts well and tastes delish but jst doesn’t present well.. Been trying to perfect it for Christmas.
        Do you think it would help if I mix/ beat the cream first then slowly add the condensed milk?


        December 19, 2014
      • Hmmm. Maybe, but just make sure you don’t over-beat the cream… Let me know how it goes.


        December 22, 2014

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