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I Quit Sugar, by Sarah Wilson: my sweet saviour

I Quit Sugar, by Sarah Wilson

This recipe book and guide pretty much saved me during week five of my eight-week no sugar challenge. I had been going really well, but the honeymoon phase of the challenge was ending and I thought I would crumble like apple pie to sweet temptation before completing the eight weeks. Then Sarah’s I Quit Sugar book arrived on my doorstep and pulled me back from the brink (it was being produced as I started the no sugar challenge and I had it on pre-order)!

Inside the I Quit Sugar book, by Sarah Wilson

The I Quit Sugar book is brimming with recipes, healthy eating ideas and ways to cut out sugar

After five weeks of going cold turkey on sugar, I was in desperate need of someone to hold my hand through this cornerstone period. I was beginning to experience sugar withdrawal symptoms, which Sarah explains about in the book. I Quit Sugar is written as if Sarah were here speaking to you, and so I read the book cover-to-cover in one sitting! The pictures jump off the page and make your mouth water, so I made these the day the book arrived.

The I Quit Sugar book includes:

  • a step-by-step program for getting off sugar in eight weeks (which is much more lenient than what I’d put myself through by the five-week mark)
  • lists of food recommendations to stock your pantry with
  • 108 sugar-free recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks.

Click here for more details and to get your copy

Just so you know: I receive a percentage of the sale if you like my recommendation and choose to buy I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson.

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  1. Amanda Owens #

    You’re so inspiring
    I have spent the duration of my day reading your entire 8 week challenge experience, i love that you have shared your daily eating plans and you have me feeling super excited about this challenge. I followed your link and am now the proud owner of the ‘I Quit Sugar’ & ‘I Quit Sugar Cookbook’ bring it on 🙂 thanks for making my decision an easy one!!


    March 13, 2013
    • Wow, that is fantastic Amanda! I’m so glad that you’ve found my experience so infectious! It is most definitely a challenge and I don’t pretend it to be easy, but if you have the right support and are doing it for the right reasons then you will never go back!
      Good luck and keep me posted on how you go 🙂


      March 13, 2013
  2. Jo #

    Hi Sarah, just bought your book can you please guide me asto where in your book it has the breakdown of what proteins carbs etc are required for each meal


    April 8, 2013
    • Hi Jo,

      If you’d like to ask a question of Sarah you’ll have to go to or chat to her on Twitter at @_sarahwilson_



      April 9, 2013

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