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Posts from the ‘DIY’ Category

Old timber window frame turns DIY jewellery display project

Old things. I love them! I knew when I saw this old timber window frame lying in a junk yard that it had potential. I just wasn’t sure what exactly. I’d figure that out later. I asked some of you on Facebook what I should do with it. I looked around the house to see what its most purposeful use would be. Then it came to me – a jewellery display! I had all this costume jewellery I never wore because I couldn’t see it. Well, this old timber window frame would soon help me change that. Read more


Make an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic cling wrap

Storage is becoming one of the first-world problems of today. Indeed, I read somewhere that storage solution shops are the fastest growing kind. But unlike most of the stuff we buy, food is one of the few things we really need. Being economical and sustainable about food choices is relatively straightforward, but when it comes to leftovers what is a sustainable food storage solution? Well, I was recently shown a great DIY alternative to plastic cling wrap! Read more

Make your own cheap, environmentally-friendly liquid laundry detergent

I’ve taken one step toward living the simple life this weekend by making my own laundry detergent. I’m not yet washing everything by hand – I can appreciate life’s little luxuries too! – but making your own detergent is an easy, environmentally-friendly swap and a very cheap alternative to the expensive store-bought laundry liquids and powders that are full of chemicals. Read more

How to make almond milk

I’d been contemplating making almond milk for a while. I usually buy all my milk – full cream, soy and rice – in the long-life versions because it’s cheaper, but they’re produced differently and contain extra additives. So I bought a nut milk bag on eBay for less than $10 and set off to make my own almond milk as a cheap, natural alternative. Read more

New Home Grant offers $5000 for buyers or builders

Good news for non-first home buyers and builders in NSW! As of 1 July 2012, the NSW Government will give you $5000 when you purchase a new home, a home-off-the-plan, or some vacant land – and there’s no limit to how many times you apply for the grant! Read more

Turn your old keys into vintage art – DIY style

My grandmother was a lover of all things old and antique. When she passed away a few years back I came across some old tins, which inside them were kept old keys to who knows what and a variety of sewing essentials that were who knows how old. I couldn’t bare to see them wasted and hidden in old tins – which in themselves are just gorgeous! So I set about thinking of unique ways to display some old keys. Read more

Framed maps set the scene for home decor

An idea stemming from a chance spotting at home wares shop has set me on a path to map out the decor direction of my dining room. I can spend hours wandering through furniture, antique, home wares  and interior decorating stores – and I mean hours! I literally do circles around the whole store  (a little embarrassing, right?), but just as you think you’ve seen it all something else will stand out and grab your attention. On this particular occasion, it was a set of framed, vintage-themed maps of the City of Lights – Paris! Read more

Stylish placemats the perfect table talk

Place mats are like jeans – there are plenty around but it’s a mission to find the right ones. So when I saw these at Swish Gallery I just had to have them! Read more