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The Dream Festival’s Seven in Seven fine dining experiences

Food, people and culture – three of my favourite ingredients for a memorable occasion. Rarely can one experience a variety of all three as frequently as one would like – and could afford. Except in Dubbo during May through November, when the Dream Festival joins forces with local chefs to host its annual “Seven in Seven” fine dining dinners. The once-a-month formal dining evenings deliver an experience of the cuisine, decor and dress of a selected country from one of  each of the seven continents – without the need for a passport!

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Jamie’s Italian Restaurant – it’s Rome meets New York in Sydney!

Want a dining experience where the food screams quality and wholesomeness, has just the right balance of authenticity and fusion, is fuss-free on the presentation front, and is positively bursting with flavour and texture? Then Jamie’s Italian in Sydney’s CBD is the place for you. Read more

Review: Finding happiness by becoming an earth-friendly human

There are going to be some changes around here. Nothing huge just a few simple swaps here and there. I imagine it will be some time before the cumulative effect of these small changes has any significant impact, but I will make them consciously each day nonetheless. After all, becoming an earth-friendly human is not an easy task, especially in today’s society. Read more

Sweet Poison, by David Gillespie: a real jaw droppper

Like so many people, I find weight maintenance a constant battle of will. Dragging ourselves out of bed of a morning to go for a run; opting for a salad at lunch instead of a steak; freaking out about portion control… all these things we think – no, believe – we have to do to in order to maintain or lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. But what if it was all wrong? Read more

I Quit Sugar, by Sarah Wilson: my sweet saviour

This recipe book and guide pretty much saved me during week five of my eight-week no sugar challenge. I had been going really well, but the honeymoon phase of the challenge was ending and I thought I would crumble like apple pie to sweet temptation before completing the eight weeks. Then Sarah’s I Quit Sugar book arrived on my doorstep and pulled me back from the brink (it was being produced as I started the no sugar challenge and I had it on pre-order)! Read more

Fresh, simple pop-up espresso bar and art exhibition

A visit to a pop-up art exhibition and espresso bar this morning really brightened my day. After hearing whispers earlier in the week of the entrepreneurial spirit of two friends who listened to their hearts and saw an opportunity to step closer to their dreams, I had to pop round for a sticky beak (and to taste the coffee)! Read more

Eating out at Wollongong’s Lower East Cafe

Does fish and chips bore you – even when you’re by the sea? Well Sunday lunch at a beach city doesn’t have to be boring, not at Wollongong on the NSW south coast that’s for sure. Read more