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The new me and my conclusion about sugar

Hi there. It’s been a while since my last blog post. I know. But I have something to share with you… I got married! Not only that, but, in the space of six months, I got engaged, I got a new job (for the time being anyhow), I had puppies – 7 of them (well, not me per say) – I married Mr Wright (that’s right, I’m now Kate Wright!), and all the while I am continuing to study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. To say it has been a manic six months would not give this period of my life justice. So. Where to from here? Read more


Sweet Poison, by David Gillespie: a real jaw droppper

Like so many people, I find weight maintenance a constant battle of will. Dragging ourselves out of bed of a morning to go for a run; opting for a salad at lunch instead of a steak; freaking out about portion control… all these things we think – no, believe – we have to do to in order to maintain or lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. But what if it was all wrong? Read more

I Quit Sugar, by Sarah Wilson: my sweet saviour

This recipe book and guide pretty much saved me during week five of my eight-week no sugar challenge. I had been going really well, but the honeymoon phase of the challenge was ending and I thought I would crumble like apple pie to sweet temptation before completing the eight weeks. Then Sarah’s I Quit Sugar book arrived on my doorstep and pulled me back from the brink (it was being produced as I started the no sugar challenge and I had it on pre-order)! Read more

No sugar challenge week 8: end results and outcomes

I have completed the 8-week no sugar challenge and it’s official – my sweet addiction has been cured! I quit sugar after many years of believing I was leading a healthy lifestyle, but I was still suffering bloating and stomach cramps. Despite several diets of trial and error, nothing alleviated the symptoms. When some knowledgeable friends who’d made a lifestyle choice to quit sugar encouraged me to reduce my intake, I never thought I could do it. Even though I thought I was healthy, I knew I had a sweet tooth. But, I gave it a go – nothing ventured, nothing gained. It’s now been 56 days and with the results and outcomes I’ve achieved, I have no intention or desire to introduce sugar back into my life. Read more

No sugar challenge week 7: my taste buds are changing

My sugar intake drastically increased this week. In fact, you could say I had a sugar overdose. Twice I made the choice to consume sugar (and I suffered the consequences), but several times I didn’t know the food I was eating contained sugar – until I put it in my mouth. My taste buds are changing and detecting the sugar in my diet for me. Still, it is frustrating that as a consumer you never really know what you’re eating. But I have a plan. Read more

Why I quit sugar: my overdose and lifestyle change

The most common question I have been asked since quitting sugar seven weeks ago is ‘why?’. Most think restricting sugar is something you do if you want to lose weight, which implies it’s a short-term tactic to achieve a narrow goal. But I have no intention of reintroducing the ‘sweet poison‘ after my eight week challenge is over. This is a lifestyle change, and I’ll tell you why. Read more

No sugar challenge week 6: why it’s easier than you think

It’s been six weeks since I made the choice to cut out sugar from my diet. I’m now past the awful withdrawal / detox phase of week 5 and loving the challenge of continuing to experiment in the kitchen by cooking with fresh and healthy produce. Read more

No sugar challenge week 5: sweet cravings

I was saved in the nick of time this week. Just as I was beginning to crave – and I mean really crave – sweet things, my pre-ordered ‘I Quit Sugar’ book by Sarah Wilson arrived in the post! Instantly, I have an abundance of quick, easy recipe ideas to keep me on track and off sugar. Between that and this month’s Gourmet Traveller magazine, I knew I could get through week 5 🙂 Read more

No sugar challenge week 4: I’m halfway!

I’m half way through the 8-week no sugar challenge and surrounded by temptations. I’m in Fiji where the locals’ staples are root vegetables, coconut, chicken and fish, but the resort’s menus offer deserts like white chocolate and passionfruit ice cream with marshmallows. It’s cruel. So I cheated! In fact I cheated on myself a couple of times, and here’s what happened: Read more

No sugar challenge week 3: it’s hard because it’s everywhere!

Bula! Bula! Hello! Hello! This post come to you all the way from Fiji where I’m learning some interesting and healthy ways to cook fish! The Fijian’s “Kokonda” is perhaps the most deliciously fresh way to eat fish – cooked in fresh lime juice, real coconut cream and complemented by a zesty salsa. Read more

No Sugar Challenge: Week 2

OK, things are getting serious. I’ve gone two weeks without sugar (well, for the most part – but more on that in a minute) and I’ve noticed changes. Read more

Week 1 No-Sugar Challenge: what was easy and hard

Week one of my 8-week no sugar challenge has been a success. How did I do it and how did I go? For a self-confessed ‘sweet-tooth’ I think I did remarkably well. Below is a table of my meal plan (note: I didn’t plan much as you can see by the repetition of some meals). So, after one week without sugar what outcomes have I achieved, what did I find easy, what did I find easy difficult and how will I go moving forward to week 2? Well…. Read more