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Health and wellbeing benefits of owning a dog

I’ve always been a dog person (in more ways than one). I’ve had cats, fish and even a rabbit (for a week – long story), but dogs have always been my favourite animals. Dogs are fantastic fitness companions, confidants and comforters. I currently have two, Prada and Boss. They are Japanese Spitz cross Pomeranians, a great breed – they always looks like they’re smiling. I am so grateful for the love, humour and action they inject into my days. Here are three health and wellbeing benefits of owning a dog and a few tips on how you can get the most out of this mutually-beneficial relationship. Read more


How I started blogging and why I write for me first

Ask anyone who knows me and most will tell you I’m a glass half-full kind of person. So working as a journalist at a daily newspaper was never really going to be a perfect fit. Then again, I guess successfully applying for said job says a bit about my generally optimistic, “I-can-do-anything-I-set-my-mind-to” kind of attitude. But the longer I worked as a newspaper journalist, the greater sense of duty I felt to look for things that were wrong in the world. This just isn’t me. Read more

The myth about balance and how to get it back

Life just gets busier and busier, doesn’t it? You’d think that the longer we spend on Earth the more efficient we’d become with our time. It seems that with each stage of life there’s something new that comes into the mix and soaks up any time we once had spare. Only we didn’t realise we had any “spare” time to begin with. That’s because we don’t. There are 24 hours in the day and, every day, you use them up. So how can we ever achieve balance? Well, it will help if we recognise the single greatest myth about balance… Read more

Finding opportunity in three common excuses that hold you back

One day. Two words that separate you from where you are and where you want to be. One day. Two words loaded with more explanation than any other combination could convey as succinctly. Yet, we all know what they mean. One day is no day of the week. “One day” ignites no urgency to plan or take action that will “one day” get you there. So what’s really holding you back? If it’s one of these three common excuses, then I have some good news for you. Read more

Why there is no such thing as failure (and it’s actually good for you)

Failure is not a word you often associate with success, but it is referred to by many successful people as part of the reason for some of their greatest achievements. Rarely do you see the trials and tribulations that successful people go through and the challenges they overcome to reach the heights they do. However, the road to success is never as straightforward as you think and failure is often a necessary part of the journey. There are three celebrities who come to mind who have proven that there is no such thing as failure and why “failing” can be good for you. Read more

Three reasons to escape reality and take an adventure

Have you ever wanted to take an adventure; to just fly the coop and escape reality? If you answered ‘yes’, but haven’t already, then what’s been holding you back? Do you, like most people, think it’s impossible or irresponsible to escape reality? Then that’s all the more reason to go for it. In fact, I’ll give you three reasons why you can and should “escape reality” and take an adventure now. Read more

How to manifest – Step 3 of 3: Visualise success

The final step to manifesting your dreams or desires truly is the most simple, but there is one thing that gets in the way for so many. In this, the third and final instalment of my “How to manifest” blog series, I’ll let you in on Step 3, explain what makes it so difficult for people to get past this last hurdle, and help you find your own way. I hope by now you know what you want, because it’s right around the corner for you… Read more

How to manifest – Step 2 of 3: Take action before you’re ready

As with any dream or desire, once you know what you truly want and why you want it – in other words, once you get clear on your purpose and intention –  it stands to reason that you will have to do something in order to get what you want. In the second installment of my “How to manifest” blog trilogy, I’m going to take you through step 2 and what you must do in order for your dream or desire to take shape. I’ll also debunk some myths that get under people’s skin and often stall or even put a stop to the manifestation process. Read more

How to manifest – Step 1 of 3: Set your intention

When I decided to write a book, I had no idea what was in store. What I did know was that I hadn’t been through hell and back for no good reason, and that I would one day save another’s life. That was the seed. That was when and how I began to manifest a publishing contract. In this mini blog trilogy, you will discover how to manifest what you want in three easy steps and I will show you a real life example of how manifestation works. Read more

The power of affirmations to manifest your desires

I want to tell you a little bit about the power of affirmations. I know what you’re thinking. It seems utterly ridiculous. How could uttering a few measly words of positivity possibly make all your wildest dreams or deepest desires come true?! Well, it’s quantum physics. Plain and simple (or maybe not)! I won’t bore you with all the E=mc2 style details (which, to be honest, are kind of above my head too!), but I’ll share a secret with you instead. Read more

Release anticipation, expectation – watch a sunrise, have a little faith

I woke early this morning, looked out my bedroom window and saw the city lights glowing before a soft, pale blue sky. I woke at the perfect time to watch the sunrise. I pulled back the bed covers, slipped out of bed and opened the bedroom door onto the east-facing balcony. I perched on a stool, the early morning air giving me goosebumps, and waited. And waited. And waited. The sky was lightening and I could see more of the landscape. The stars were disappearing, the city lights were turning off, the trees on the hill surrounding the southern side of the city were becoming clear, and the soil in the paddock on the furthest south-west corner of my view was becoming redder, richer. The sun was making its presence known, but I couldn’t see it. Had I missed it? Was it hidden behind a great blanket of cloud that stretched across the vast horizon? Read more

Yoga at work – benefits of a happy, healthy workforce

Yoga is often dismissed as nothing more than prolonged stretching, deep breathing, and perhaps a little “hoo-do-voodoo”. I know I used to think so. Once upon a time I would have berated myself for opting for something as serene as yoga over a run, a pole session, or a HIIT workout. But yo’ better believe that yoga has a place in everyone’s lives, and more so now than ever before. Read more