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One piece of advice for bloggers: write what you know

When I was a little girl, I had a great imagination. Growing up on the family farm, 55km from the nearest town, I had to enjoy my own company. I played a lot and created things; tree houses and sandcastles; drawing and colouring; crafting cars from cardboard boxes. Mostly I loved ‘make believe’, and in particular I loved pretending I was a puppy. True story. Read more

Old timber window frame turns DIY jewellery display project

Old things. I love them! I knew when I saw this old timber window frame lying in a junk yard that it had potential. I just wasn’t sure what exactly. I’d figure that out later. I asked some of you on Facebook what I should do with it. I looked around the house to see what its most purposeful use would be. Then it came to me – a jewellery display! I had all this costume jewellery I never wore because I couldn’t see it. Well, this old timber window frame would soon help me change that. Read more

Sugar-free hot cross buns make healthy treats for Easter

Easter is just round the corner but we’ve been bailed up by chocolate eggs and sweet-smelling hot cross buns since Boxing Day. Enough is enough! There must be an alternative?! Well, there is. A fellow work colleague and devout  follower of the sugar-free lifestyle (she’s amazing – really) passed this recipe for sugar-free hot cross buns on to me so it’s only fair that I share it with you.  Read more

I beat anorexia and I’ll try telling you how

I’ve joined a writer’s group. Actually, I created one together with two friends. We each are writing a book that is deeply personal in one way or another. One is writing about environmental protection, the other a psychological thriller, and I – I am re-writing the diary I kept during my uphill battle with anorexia. Read more

Slow cooker lamb neck stew an unexpected dinner winner

This was a very happy accident that I whipped up on a cool, wet, autumn day in less than 10 minutes during my lunch break. We were having an unexpected guest for dinner (my brother-in-law) and I needed to prep something quick smart. It’s very unpretentious – the cupboard was almost bare when I was looking for ingredients to pair with the lamb neck. But together the ingredients really work – it’s like no slow cooker recipe I have ever tasted.

Read more


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